Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Triumphs - Christmas 2011

With triumphs and sorrows another year has passed.
With our ever-changing world only God’s word remains steadfast.
God so loved the world that he sent Baby Jesus to us.
We are promised a heavenly home but loving God is a must.
God has to come first and we need to love our neighbors as ourselves.
Read our Bibles instead of letting them get dusty sitting on shelves.
We are here to be thankful and to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday.
Each of us has our own traditions and celebrates in our own special way.
It is fun to give gifts and to receive.
As in this special miracle we all believe.
It is a time to be with family and friends.
It is a time for tiresome grudges to end.
As the snowflakes fall softly to the ground,
God has given us so many blessings, just look around.
Listen to the excitement and joy of a child.
Their enthusiasm has to make one smile.
May we be thankful for the things we have instead of desiring the things we don’t.
Be happy today instead of dreaming of all that we want.
This coming year may all of your days be bright,
May you take the joy and peace with you that you feel tonight.
Merry Christmas
Blanche Fingar, 2011