Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

More Than A Building - Sept 2007

                        More Than A Building
We have a lovely building for our church but we are God’s people
Without the family of God it would be just a building with a steeple
God is our backbone
And the church’s cornerstone
We all come to church to worship and to pray
For God’s guidance from day to day
We are a family who love and care
When the ups and downs in life seem more than one can bear
We celebrate at special times and joys
And we greet each other in Christian fellowship with lots of noise
We have our own live puppet shows
And our choir is superb as everyone knows
We have all sorts of talent within these walls
People are so willing to help when a need calls
We are doubly blessed with pastors Judy and Wes
And our young people are some of the best
We can always feel God’s presence in this place
I am sure He looks down with a happy face
When I am away it is as plain as can be
There is no other Bluff Point UMC
September 2007