Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Jesus Paid the Price - Easter 2012

Jesus Paid the Price

It’s fun to celebrate Easter with big bonnets and bright-colored eggs
With fancy dresses and a bunny with long Legs

It’s great to have a tasty dinner with potatoes and a great big ham
It’s wonderful to have family and friends all around

But we need to stop and remember the true meaning of this great day
Without the resurrection we wouldn’t be living our lives in the same way

Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins
All we need to do is ask and we will be cleansed from within

Jesus is the light of the world; we come to Him by a personal relationship through prayer
To get into heaven no amount of money will get us there

Winters of our lives will pass and we can always replant and start over again
All because Jesus died for our sins

Easter is a time for miracles and reaffirming our faith and hope
It is time to rest in the arms of Jesus until we can cope again

All things are possible and all things can again be new
Sometimes life really hurts but give our burden to Jesus is what we need to do

Easter says you can put truth in a grave but it won’t stay there
Jesus died for our sins and all our burdens he will bear

The kind of love God has for us we humans can’t understand
But when someday we meet Him face to face, maybe then we can

Just think God gave up His only son so we could have an eternal home
If we remember to turn our eyes toward God we are never alone

Jesus lives and walks with us each day
Put our trust in Him and He will light the way

Blanche Fingar  2012