Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

04-25-12 Article

Caption: Ernie Pinneo shared a couple church stories from many years ago
with us last week. Ernie has been a member of this church for 79 years!

Bluff Point UMC article for 4/25/12
Bluff Point United Methodist Church is 160 years old!! We know
that the original church was brought down the hill in 1852. And we know
that the old church was rebuilt.

Mike Morehouse proudly shared a set of diaries that span three
generations in his family: his great-grandmother Herrick, his grandmother
Grace Morehouse, and his mother, Elsie Morehouse. These diaries were
written in daily!! Mike shared these interesting entries: An entry in 1893 talked about
“going to the old church”. This original old church was brought down the
hill in 1852. We know that the original old church was rebuilt. An entry in one of
Mike’s journals, dated 1896, talks about “going to the new church”. So the
old church was rebuilt sometime between 1893 and 1896.

Pastor Judy brought us back to the present time by acknowledging the
number of years some of our friends have been members of this church:
Ernie Pinneo - 79 years; Meredith Nielsen - 70 years; Maddy Kelley - 70
years; Meredith Nielsen’s husband, Don - 68 years; Katherine Andersen - 65
years; John Andersen - 58 years; his wife, Donna - 52 years; Nancy Scott -
52 years; Phil Burdick - 52 years; Dorwin Fingar - 51 years,
Jean & Mike Morehouse - 50 years, and Dorwin’s wife, Blanche - 43 years.

This little church has certainly had its ups and downs over all these
years. It started out and continued to be one point in a two-point charge for
many years with Branchport, and it was at one time a three-point charge.
There were many years when it was unable to pay its total yearly
apportionment payment to the Conference. When difficulties rolled around
as they always do, we got through them. We forgave, we learned, and we
grew. Isn’t that part of what faith is all about?

Many student pastors have driven that road between Branchport and
Bluff Point over the years. Actually, that was a plus for us. There is a bright
and eager light that shines in every student’s eyes, and with that light comes
their youth, tons of energy, and a certain sort of idealism!!  We’ve had older
pastors, too, who have shared what the years have taught them, whose insights
were many, and whose skills/interests were as varied as their creativities.
Every leader has his/her forte; we’ve had the best of all different worlds!
Here’s hoping that Bluff Point United Methodist Church will be around for another
160+ years…

Keep in mind that: Ladies gather for lunch at the Antique Inn at
12:00 Noon on Tuesdays.

Lighten-Up is held on Tuesday evenings at 5:45 PM.

Our choir practices on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM.

Wednesday morning Bible Study begins at 10:30 AM at the church.
Thursday evening Bible Study is held at 7:00 PM at Pastor Judy’s home.
Anyone who is interested is most welcome to come. If you can’t come to
one, then come to the other because the weekly lesson for each group is the

CROP Walk 2012 is next week, Sunday, May 6th. We were told that
our church goal this year is $3000. Our sanctuary has been infested not
with church mice, but with Crop Walkers looking for pledges. Please give as
generously as you can… Interested in walking and/or helping out? Please
call Sarah Stackhouse at 315-536-9482 or Donna Johnston at 315-536-2683.

Participants at our April 29th , 5th Sunday Hymn Sing worship are:
Liturgist -Bill Sutherland; Greeters - Sharon Larsen and Linda Folts;
Ushers - Pam Althouse and Barbara Bailey; Scripture Reader - Meredith
Nielsen; Sunday School - Carole Clow; Counters - Ron Salyer and Ed Head;
Nursery - Laurie Prinzivalli and Donna Johnston. The title of Pastor Judy’s
sermon for this morning is “There‘s Power in the Name”.

Our thanks to Carole & Fremont Clow for their gift of fellowship
after our worship service this morning.

Happy Birthday to Dana Schillinger (27), and Jake Wilmot (28).

Happy Anniversary to Emily & Mike Enslow on the 25th.

We are looking forward to one of the best signs of spring - the return
of our snowbirds. Safe journey to all…

Please keep those who are serving our country in your thoughts and