Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

05-09-12 Article

Caption: Sylvia DeMay graced us with her singing on Musical Sunday last
week. She sang “The Lord’s Prayer” during our prayer time… It was

Bluff Point UMC article for 5/9/12

Our worship on the last Sunday in April, April 29th, was a music-filled
tribute to our Lord. We enjoyed listening to our choir sing as we always do.
We also enjoyed musical solos from Bruce Westerdahl with Sandy Wilmot
signing as he sang, the Stempien Family trio - Aimee Perry and Elly and Jeff
Stempien, a solo sung by Sylvia DeMay, and a musical quartet made up of
Bill and Marilyn Moravic, Pastor Judy White, and Jeff Stempien. Our choir
brought this glorious hour-filled musical worship to a close by singing the

Elly Stempien and Aimee Perry began our worship with an organ and
piano duet, and both Maren Andersen and Pastor Judy White played piano
solos. Even our kids joined in during Children’s Time with an instrumental
accompaniment of their own!!
God has provided us with so many talents. What a wonderful way to
praise Him!

The ladies of the church are looking forward to Mother’s Day
breakfast on Sunday, May 13th. The menu that our chefs John Andersen and
John Prinzivalli have planned sounds delicious, and Kent Wilmott has
organized all the gentlemen to serve.

There will be a PowerPoint presentation of the capital building
project proposed for our church on Thursday evening, March 24th. Time for
questions and/or concerns will follow…

A 6-week study/dialogue is being presented at St. Mark’s Episcopal
Church on United Methodist and Episcopal similarities and differences.
These dialogues take place on Wednesday evenings, from 6:30-7:30.
Anyone who is interested is very welcome to attend. This is a good
beginning to understand our neighbors’ faiths and to see how we can
minister together in Christ’s name. This evening, March 9th, will be the 4th
study/dialogue session.

A group communion, a coming-together of all Episcopalians and
Methodists, is being planned for the last week. Those interested in going
should please contact Pastor Judy.

Bluff Point UMC is planning a special Pentecost/Memorial Sunday.
We are encouraging every veteran to wear their uniform on that day. We are
also looking for two veterans who would be interested in being part of a
color guard.

Ladies gather for lunch at the Antique Inn at 12:00 Noon on

Our choir practices on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM.

Wednesday morning Bible Study begins at 10:30 AM at the church.
Thursday evening Bible Study is held at 7:00 PM at Pastor Judy’s home.
Anyone who is interested is most welcome to come. If you can’t come to
one, then come to the other because the weekly lesson for each group is the

Participants at our May 13th, Mother’s Day, worship are: Liturgist -
Sherri Hunt; Greeters - Gene & Marilyn James; Ushers - Dana & Helen
Schillinger; Scripture Reader - Marguerite Miller; Sunday School -
Meredith Nielsen; Counters - Emily Enslow and Marilyn James; Nursery -
Sherri Hunt and Michele Covert. The title of Pastor Judy’s sermon for this
morning is “Complete Joy”.

Our thanks to Jean & Mike Morehouse for their gift of fellowship
after our worship service.

Happy Birthday to Dora Lee Castner (9), Sarah Pinneo Talley (9), and
Helen Schillinger (14).

Happy Anniversary to Bill & Delores Sutherland (10), Gene &
Marilyn James (13), and John & Laurie Prinzivalli (14).