Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pentecost Sunday - 2007

Pentecost Sunday
This Sunday is the day of Pentecost
God sent us the gift of the Holy Spirit so we don’t feel lost
It gives us the realization that God’s very life lives in, with, and among us
Christians experience this life through Jesus because they see the spirit as a plus
Some people think of Pentecost as the church’s “birth day”
Because it is the day we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to show us the way
When we receive this spirit divine
Love, joy, peace, and kindness can be yours and mine 
The very awareness of the flow of love from one to the other
We can share with our sisters and brothers
In the silence of our heart-filled faith, we experience the presence of God
As sure as we know someday we will return to the sod
We can contemplate God in the beauty of a sunrise or the power of the winds
We can say a prayer of thanksgiving that He died for our sins
God leads us so gently to himself, through the action of the Holy Spirit who dwells in our heart
We just need to be open and trust on our part
No matter what is happening in our lives we need to pray
God will never forsake us; He is alive and living today
Prayer is not only defined by folded hands and closed eyes; it is a matter of the heart and mind
It is the love of God and God’s people that so tightly bind