Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

10-03-12 Article

Caption: Two of Pastor Judy White’s friends came to Bluff Point UMC with
her last week. They wanted to help her teach the Children’s Sermon.. Lamb
Chop, Pastor Judy, and Wrinkles spoke to the youngsters about serving God.
These three - Lamb Chop, Pastor Judy, and Wrinkles - have been serving the
Lord for a long time…

Bluff Point UMC article for 10/3/12

James said, “To be a peacemaker, you must sow peace.” Similarly, if
you want a friend, you must be a friend. Our old friend, Lamb Chop, and a
new friend, Wrinkles, friends of Pastor Judy White, illustrated this for us
during the children’s sermon. These teachings go beyond being a
peacemaker and/or a friend, however. These teachings are Christ’s
teachings, and this is one way to serve Him.

The Once Again Shoppe needs volunteers. One-half day now and
then is all they are asking. If you would be so kind/inclined, please give
them a call…

Ladies gather for lunch at the Antique Inn at 12:00 Noon on

Much fellowship - laughing, chit-chat, singing, and praying - takes
place during this choir rehearsal hour, at 7:00 on Tuesday evenings…

Bible Study is held on Wednesdays at 10:30 AM at the church and/or
Thursdays at 7:30 PM at Pastor Judy’s home. Anyone may come; no
previous knowledge of the Bible is required.

Participants at our October 7th worship are: Liturgist - Dick Smith;
Greeters - Sherri Hunt and Michele Covert; Ushers - Terry & Doug Fingar;
Scripture Reader - Meredith Nielsen; Sunday School - Carole Clow;
Counters - Dick Smith & Fremont Clow; Nursery - Phil Pearce and Laurie
Prinzivalli. Sandy Wilmott is Communion Steward for this Holy
Communion Sunday.

Our thanks to Gene & Marilyn James for sharing fellowship with us
after our morning worship today.

Happy Birthday to Cole James Covert (3), Rob Nielsen (4), and Don
Nielsen (5).

Happy Anniversary to Rennee and Kevin Crofoot on Thursday,
October 4th.

Please keep those who are serving our country in your thoughts and