Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Saturday, February 16, 2019

Worry - September 2012


Forgive me, Lord, when I worry instead of coming to you in prayer
Knowing full well that you will meet me there

Help me to go to God with all my problems and woes
He will remain steadfast in love while others come and go

May I come to God in joyful gratitude
While all the perils in life I try to elude

May I turn to God when times are tough and when they are not
Keeping the attitude of prayer could help a lot

May I go to God when I am angry with Him
Being ever so thankful when He fills my cup to the brim

May I find comfort in God in every sorrow
Even when sometimes a little faith I need to borrow

May I ask God to help me in every circumstance
So I don’t have to worry if I picked the right dance

May I ask for direction in every decision that I make
So I can feel confident in each step that I take

It has taken me a lifetime to try to learn what God is all about
To learn to seek Him more when I am full of fear and doubt

If I will come near to God, He will come near to me
He will open windows to a whole new world for me to see

I know I don’t understand all the mysteries of God, but someday I will
When all the storms of life calm and before God I will kneel

Blanche Fingar
September 2012