Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Thoughtful Appreciation - October 2012

Thoughtful Appreciation

Lord God help me to understand how to accept the kindness of others with
thankful appreciation
No matter if it is a large or small situation
May I learn to be still and listen to the answers to my prayers
To know that often times life doesn’t seem so fair

May I be open to hear and know that God answers prayers in many different
It could be an image, a feeling, an immediate thought, or maybe I won’t  
fully understand for days

May I learn to be patient and wait for His reply
If I could learn to trust and not to question why

May I hear God’s voice in the whisper of a gentle wind
To be more mindful of todays’s blessings and not where I’ve been

May I open my eyes to see and treasure each beautiful thing
To be open and thankful for what each new day will bring

I know life and death is in Your hands Lord
For loving You, heaven will be my reward

I know I might get knocked down but I don’t have to feel defeat
Because if I give my love and trust to God I can’t be beat.

Blanche Fingar

October, 2012