Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

11-28-12 Article

Bluff Point UMC article for 11/28/12
We packed forty-three shoeboxes full of all kinds of little
gifties and game and toys for needy children all over the world. Thank you
to all who filled forty-three shoeboxes and participated in this much-needed
ministry for children all over the world. Thank you to all who took the time
to buy gifts and pack, as well. What a blessing this will be providing for
children all over the world.

Our College Kid Caretakers are always thinking. At this time in a
college student’s world, it gets pretty hectic. Papers are due, final exams are
being prepared for, they’re trying to eat good and healthy food and get lots
of sleep. In the little nooks and crannies of their days, they’d like to maybe
even get a little Christmas shopping done!!

Our College Kid Care packages are another sign of the love and care
and support and concern they are receiving from folks at home. The easiest
way for all involved to do this is to give cash to Sherri and Michelle; they
have lists of what our kids enjoy, need, and will most definitely USE and
LIKE, and they will be grateful!

Choir rehearses at 7:00 PM on Tuesday evenings, here at the church.

We are preparing for Christmas. Our hearts are full; there is such pleasure
when preparing Christmas music and the Christmas tree lights are softly lit
in a dark corner. Maybe we’ll even get some snow????

Maybe we could have a little snow for these other events.too: A
Secret Pal Christmas Dinner will be held on Saturday evening, December
8th, at 6:00 PM. Part of the purpose of this dinner is to share with your
Secret Pal the name of the charity to whom you have donated either your
time or a monetary gift (in their honor). If you cannot participate as a secret
pal, you certainly are invited to the dinner anyway! Please sign up on the

Once again we will be doing a live nativity for Christmas. We need
actors, choir members, props, and people to make soup and sandwiches for
our actresses and actors. We’ve also talked about having a few folks make
some posters. This year it will be on December 16th, from 5:00 to 6:00 PM.
Let’s make this a beautiful event for our neighborhood. If you wish to be
involved, you know what to do - Sign up on the sign-up sheet!!

Ladies gather for lunch at the Antique Inn at 12:00 Noon on

Bible Study is on Wednesdays at 10:30 AM at the church and/or
Thursdays at 7:30 PM at Pastor Judy’s home. Anyone may come; no
previous knowledge of the Bible is required.

Readers will enjoy checking out parables that our dear friend and
Former Pastor Bruce Westerdahl has written and contributed to our website

This Sunday, December 2nd, is the last Sunday for our Stewardship
Faith Study. Please remember to prayerfully think of how you have been
touched by Jesus and how you want to respond.

Participants at our December 2nd, “Commitment to Christ Sunday”
service are: Liturgist - Ron Salyer; Greeters - Helen Stickney and Meredith
Nielsen; Ushers - Andy & Gail Kenneda; Scripture Reader - Phil Burdick;
Sunday School - Meredith Nielsen; Counters - Elly Stempien and Bill
Sutherland; Nursery: Phil Pearce and Jessica Kenneda. Meredith Nielsen
will be Communion Steward for this Holy Communion Sunday.

Our thanks to Phil and Kathy Burdick for their gift of fellowship after
our worship this morning.

This is what everybody’s been waiting for!! Sunday, December 2nd, is
our Celebration Sunday and the Hanging of the Greens. We’ll celebrate our
gifts of grace, we’ll decorate the church, and we’ll share a fellowship dinner
downstairs together in the dining room when we’re done. Don’t miss it!

Believe it or not, there are no birthdays and/or anniversaries coming
up in the next week!

Donna Johnston is requesting donations for Christmas For the Needy.
She can be reached at this number: (585) 750-0862.

Please keep those who are serving our country in your thoughts and