Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

01-09-13 Atricle

Caption: One morning at fellowship not very long ago, Hayley Andersen,
who just turned 10, was busy as a bee! She poured coffee and water for tea,
she kept the plates filled with goodies and snacks for parishioners. When it
was time to clean-up, there she was, back at work again, clearing and
cleaning the tables. (Last ditch effort to impress Santa??) She sure was
happy when she go to have her snack, a big donut with pink frosting and

Bluff Point UMC article for 1/09/13

Our webmaster and resident geek, Phil Pearce, has been tracking
three of the many shoeboxes that were put together by members of this
congregation and sent out in November, and he did indeed find out about
them. One shoebox went to Angola, another went to South Africa, and a
third one went to the Ukraine. They really are sent all over the world!!
I’ll finish this paragraph about Operation Shoebox by asking the kids:
Can you find those three countries on the map - Angola, South Africa, and
the Ukraine?

It is truly amazing what can be done these days with computers, and fortunately,
we have someone who knows how to do it - Phil Pearce.  A big thank you to
Phil for all the computer work he does. Check out our website and see all Phil has put up there.

While you are on the website, take a few moments and read Bruce
Westerdahl’s parable for January 1, 2013. Bruce addresses the horrific and
tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut, and in Webster.

While Bruce can’t answer the question that everybody is asking these
days, “Why did this happen?”, he does, however, point out the
unconditional love and prayer that is being provided by thousands to the
family members and the communities that are mourning. To quote someone
near and dear to me, “Good triumphs over evil.” Knowing there are people
behind you and are thinking about you and praying for you gives you the
strength to do some of the hard things you have to do. This is all part of the
healing process; this is all “God within us”.

Ladies gather for lunch at the Antique Inn at every Tuesday at 12:00

Bible Study is on Wednesdays at 10:30 AM at the church and/or every
Thursday evening at 7:30 PM at Pastor Judy’s home. Anyone may come;
no previous knowledge of the Bible is required.

Participants at our service for 2013, January 13th, are: Liturgist - Jeff
Stempien; Greeters – Fremont & Carole Clow; Ushers – Terry & Doug
Fingar; Scripture Reader – Fremont Clow; Sunday School – Carole Clow;
Counters – Ron Salyer and Elly Stempien; Nursery – Jessica Kenneda and
Aimee Perry. The title of Pastor Judy’s sermon for this morning is “He
Knows Our Name”.

Our thanks to Bev Dean and Ron Sergent for the gift of fellowship
after this morning’s worship.

Happy Birthday wishes to Vynce Miller (9), Cindy Heggie (11),
Gordon Bascom (12), and Roger Peck (12).

Please keep those who are serving our country in your thoughts and