Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

07-10-13 Article

Caption:  Pastor Judy and Sylvia DeMay sang a “There’s Something About
That Name” medley for us last week.  Lovely ladies singing lovely songs. 
We are so blessed…

BPUMC article for 7/10/13 By Kathy Burdick

We are looking forward to two Big Events this summer:  Our Lancaster
tour is July 24th and 25th.  Pastor Judy is collecting money for this
trip to Lancaster.

Our Yankee Baseball trip is August 15th, and Doug Fingar is
collecting the money for that.  Please make your check out to Bluff Point
UMC and earmark it Yankee Ballgame trip. 

You will find more info on both trips on our website at

The UMW gathers at the Antique Inn at Noon on Tuesdays.

Participants at our July 14th service, are:  Liturgist:  Stacy Wyant;
Greeters:  DoraLee Castner and Clarice Hardy; Ushers: Terry & Doug
Fingar; Scripture Reader:  Marguerite Miller; Sunday School:  Leah Dibble;
Counters:  Dick Smith & Fremont Clow, and Nursery: Jessica Kenneda and
Aimee Perry.  Pastor Judy’s sermon for this Sunday is titled “What Is A
Good Samaritan?”.

This July 14th Sunday will also be Birthday Sunday.  Our thanks to
Amos & Laura Hammond for hosting this fellowship after our morning
worship service.

Happy Birthday wishes this week go to John Pinneo (10), Sally
Pinneo Sutton (11), Chad White (12), Larry Larsen (14), Maren Andersen
(15), Marissa Sorensen (15), and Kimberly Thayer (16).

Happy Anniversary wishes to Dick & Carol Pinneo (10) and Ron &
Marguerite Miller (16).