Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

08-14-13 Article

Caption:  To begin our celebration of our religious freedom on our Fourth of
July Sunday, we sang this reverent patriotic song, “God Bless America”. 
The accompaniment was grand:  (L-R) Jeff Stempien - trumpet; Jean
Bascom - organ; Robin DeSantis - flute; and Pastor Judy White - piano. 
What a magnificent sound filled our little church

Bluff Point UMC article for 8/14/13 by Kathy Burdick

I have good news and I have bad news.  The good news is that the
Yankee Baseball trip is tomorrow, August 15th!  The bad news is that you
have to be at the church early because the bus is leaving at 5:00 AM.  
However, I guess if you’re a loyal Yankees fan, that is not bad news at all, is
it?????  By the way, the Yanks will be playing the California Angels.  You
will find more info about that Yankee trip on our website at

The UMW gathers at the Antique Inn at Noon on Tuesdays.
On the 30th of August, a Friday, we plan to have a table set up at Keuka College
to introduce students to our church.

Participants at our August 18th service, are:  Liturgist:  Gene James;
Greeters: Waneta Nielsen and Joyce Wiedrich; Ushers: Roger & Nancy
Scott; Scripture Reader: Stacy Wyant; Sunday School: Carole Clow;
Counters:  Ron Salyer and Marilyn James; Nursery: Jessica Kenneda and
Phil Pearce.    Pastor Judy White’s sermon for this morning is titled “What
Will It Take to Believe?”

Our thanks to Sylvia DeMay for hosting fellowship for us after this
morning’s worship together.
Happy Birthday wishes this week to Bob Hassoldt (14), Waneta Nielsen (16),
John Kohn (17), and Ann Hassoldt Fenoff (18).

Happy Anniversary to Art & Ruth Miller (14), Phil & Kathy Burdick
(15), and Adam & Nikki Folts (20).