Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

09-11-13 Article

BPUMC article for 9/11/13 by Kathy Burdick

Today is Patriot Day.  We are meant on this day to reflect on the
horrific events of September 11, 2001.  We must stop and have moments of
silence for the many men, women, and children who lost their lives on this
day.  It was and is very sad, and this particular day in September will never
be forgotten.

In the days and weeks which followed the events of “911”, we also
experienced a resurgence of patriotism.  This feeling of patriotism was so
strong it could almost be touched.  This feeling of patriotism gave us the
strength to do some of the hard things we had to do. 

And so it is with God…  God gives us the strength to cope with the
realities of life, and to carry on.    

Looking ahead to next Sunday, September 15th:  The Keuka Comfort
Care Home is hosting its eighth annual Pig Roast on Sunday, September
15th, from 4:00 to 7:00 PM at the Valley Inn in Branchport, NY.

Along with this pig roast, there will also be a pie wheel, with
“awesome” pies baked by some of our area’s best pastry bakers.
In addition to a delicious pig roast dinner and a chance to win a lip-
smacking homemade pie, two New York Giants tickets for the November
24th game against the Dallas Cowboys at Met Life Stadium will be raffled
off, courtesy of Jack & Donna Payne.  A $2 donation buys one raffle ticket,
or $5 buys three tickets.  These raffle tickets are available at Pinckney
Hardware or at Keuka Comfort Care Home.  The winning ticket will be
drawn at the Pig Roast.   
The UMW gathers at the Antique Inn at Noon on Tuesdays.
Our church choir meets for rehearsals on Tuesday evenings at 7:00
PM, in the sanctuary of our church.  We welcome any and all interested
singers to come and visit and see what this musical ministry is all about. 
Our choir members have wonderful senses of humor and dedication…   

Participants at our September 15th service, are:  Liturgist:  Carole
Clow; Greeters: Phil & Kathy Burdick; Ushers: Jean & Mike Morehouse;
Scripture Reader: Meredith Nielsen; Sunday School: Sarah Stackhouse;
Counters:  Ron Salyer and Ed Head; Nursery: Phil Pearce and Blanche
Fingar.  Ron Salyer will be preaching for us this morning.

Happy Birthday wishes this week to Sandy Wilmot (11), Miranda
Souva (12), Judy White (12), Hannah Watson (13), Megan Morehouse (14),
Joy Lynn Clark (14), Bill Hassoldt (16), Louise James (16), and Joshua
Morehouse (17).

Please keep those who are serving our country in your thoughts and prayers…