Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

10-02-13 Article

Caption: Stacy Wyant is in the process of creating a “visual representation”
of our lives to show us how God works in our lives,  and enhances our lives. 
Our lives are so full, it would be easy to lose sight of God.  What a
difference it makes when we put God first!

BPUMC article for 10/02/13 by Kathy Burdick

Our thanks to Ron Salyer and Stacy Wyant, two very special and
unique individuals who recently preached for us in Pastor Judy’s absence.  

To summarize his sermon, Stacy Wyant wanted to leave us with a
visual picture of our lives, to reinforce the whole concept of having a
relationship with God in our lives.  The plastic jar represents our lives.  A
tennis ball (God - our prayer lives, our church, our religious duties,
missions, and our own personal practices)go in the jar first.  In this way.
God is able to enhance our lives with our parents, our children, our
grandchildren in our homes.

There is still room for the important things in our lives like working,
shopping, and baby-sitting.  There is still room for the trivialities in our
lives like football games, sports, baking, gardening, and reading. 

If we had started filling this jar on the trivialities end, we would have
certainly run out of room in our jar by now, and there would be no room left
for God and some of the other important things.

But… God told us to “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.”   And when
we put God first in our lives, he “adds to it”; he enables us to have it all and
for it to be better and more fulfilling.

The UMW gathers at the Antique Inn at Noon on Tuesdays.
Our church choir meets for rehearsals on Tuesday evenings at 7:00
PM, in the sanctuary of our church.  If you enjoy music and singing, we
would love for you to join us.

Bible Study is on Wednesday mornings at 10:30, at the church.  We
will be going through the entire Bible using the study “30 Life Principles”
by Charles E. Stanley.  If you wish to buy a study book, they are $7.00. 
Pastor Judy White encourages those who are interested to come when they
can ad to please let her know if you are interested…

Write this down on your calendar:  The Penn Yan Council of
Churches will be holding their Turkey Hunger Walk the Sunday after
Thanksgiving, November 3, 2013, beginning at 1:00 PM.  Walkers will
begin their walking from the First Presbyterian Church in Penn Yan. 

The money raised from this walk will be used to buy meat for
Christmas for the Needy distribution.

Please address further questions to Donna Johnston at (315) 536-2683,
or email her at

Participants at our October 6th service are:  Liturgist:  Dick Smith;
Greeters: Sherri Hunt and Michele Covert; Ushers: Chris & Stacy Wyant;
Scripture Reader: Dick Smith; Sunday School: Meredith Nielsen; Counters: 
Bill Sutherland and Marilyn James; Nursery: Terry Fingar and Sonya
Andersen.   Blanche Fingar is Communion Steward for this morning.

Our thanks to Pam Althouse and Barbara Bailey for their gift of
fellowship after our worship this morning.

Happy Birthday wishes this week to Alyssa Rugg (12), Tyler Mahan
(13), Dave Brown (13), Gene James (14), and Cindy Rosato (14).

Happy Anniversary to Kevin & Melinda Hunt (10), Andy & Gail
Kenneda (13), and Larry & Sharon Larsen (14).

Please keep those who are serving our country in your thoughts and