Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

10-09-13 Article

Caption:  We always love to listen to the men sing!  You’ll notice there are
little bits of smiles on their faces.  That’s because they know what’s
coming!!  (L-r):  Ron Miller (on piano), Bruce Westerdahl, Jeff Stempien,
Stacy Wyant, Gene James, Phil Burdick, and Russ Heggie.

BPUMC Article for 10/09/13 by Kathy Burdick

Our Musical Sunday last week was an outstanding success!  We all
agreed that we should do it again this week!  We heard one or two of the old
favorite songs, thanks to Bruce Westerdahl and Phil Burdick, who sang  a
duet that they sang together forty years ago! 

The Men’s Choir, under the leadership of Ron Miller, sang “How
Great Thou Art”, a cappella. The last two songs, as well as Ron’s piano solo,
caused much hand-clapping and foot-stomping!

Our choir, led by Aimee Perry, added their harmony and beauty to this
musical praise to God.  Aimee Perry herself opened this musical worship by
singing “Simple Song”, It was a perfect way/song to prepare us for the time
we spend with God. 

Any music provided by Jeff and Elly Stempien and Cindy Heggie is
always a favorite:  Cindy Heggie and Elly Stempien played “Angels
Watchin’ Over Me” together as a piano duet, and Elly Stempien on the piano
and Jeff Stempien on his trumpet played “All Will Be Well”.

Bluff Point United Methodist Church has a strong music ministry, and
we all agreed that today’s music was absolutely wonderful, all of it!

Another strong ministry in our church which was also celebrated today is our
Prayer Shawl ministry.  This ministry was first introduced to us in 2007 by
Nancy Wilmott.  Since that time, we have made, prayed over, and given shawls
to 243 people!!  These shawls are knitted and crocheted by ladies from within
the church, and are given to individuals who are in need of extra prayers. 
Many of these shawls were prayed over and given to folks from within this
church, but many of them have been prayed over and presented to folks
from outside of our church, as the need has arisen.

Many prayer shawls were brought back to church on this particular
Sunday and placed on the altar.  What a gorgeous picture they make when
all those colors are put together, and what a lot of love and prayer they

The United Methodist Churches of Yates County are launching a local
mission project called The Living Well.  The Living Well reaches out to all
our neighbors in the county with the teaching of Christ, “Love your
neighbor as yourself”.

The Living Well is located at 121 East Elm Street in Penn Yan and
will be available to anyone living in Yates County.  This mission anticipates
being able to provide services beginning Monday, October 7th through
Thursday from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM daily, and Tuesday evenings from 5:00 -
7:00 PM.

There are currently six participating churches.  They include: 
Branchport UMC, Milo Center UMC, Bluff Point UMC, Penn Yan UMC,
Dresden UMC, and Dundee UMC.

There will be more information about The Living Well in this Bluff Point UMC
column next week…

The UMW gathers at the Antique Inn at Noon on Tuesdays.

Our church choir meets for rehearsals on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM. 
If you enjoy singing and music, then we would love for you to join us.

Bible Study is on Wednesday mornings at 10:30, at the church.  We
will be going through the entire Bible using the study “30 Life Principles”
by Charles E. Stanley.  If you wish to buy a study book, they are $7.00. 
Pastor Judy White encourages those who are interested to come when they
can.   Please her know if you are interested…

Participants at our October 13th service are:  Liturgist:  Dick Smith;
Greeters: Fremont & Carole Clow; Ushers: Terry & Doug Fingar; Scripture
Reader: Laurie Prinzivalli; Sunday School: Jessica Kenneda; Counters: 
Dick Smith and Fremont Clow; Nursery: Phil Pearce and Donna Johnston.

Pastor Judy’s sermon for this Sunday morning is titled “Stamp of
Approval”.  Pastor Judy White shared a “Joy” last week:  She has been with
us for five years!!  

Our thanks to Elly Stempien, Cindy Heggie, and Aimee Perry for their
gift of fellowship after our worship this morning.  This morning is our
Birthday Sunday for October.

Happy Birthday wishes this week to Alyssa Rugg (12), Tyler Mahan (13),
Dave Brown (13), Gene James (14), and Cindy Rosato (14).

Happy Anniversary to Kevin & Melinda Hunt (10), Andy & Gail Kenneda (13),
and Larry & Sharon Larsen (14).

Please keep those who are serving our country in your thoughts and prayers…