Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 18, 2018

11-06-13 Article

Remembering Kathy Burdick   Click here for her obituary

This is the last report from the Bluff Point United Methodist Church written by Kathy Warfield Burdick who passed away at home on Friday, November 1, 2013.

Six years ago, Kathy volunteered to report on the activities at Bluff Point, the church she loved and served so well for over forty years. Each week since then, she has been a faithful and dedicated contributor to the Chronicle Express.

Kathy was the ideal person to represent the church. She was a warm, unassuming, positive and happy person, and her writing reflected her personality.

In addition, Kathy knew the church very well for she served the congregation in many capacities since becoming a member in the early Seventies.

She reported without editorial comment or affected prose, and her reports, like her personality, were unpretentious and never contrived.

Kathy’s columns were always accurate and precise, and during the six years she was the voice of the Bluff Point Church, she rarely missed a deadline.

Often her articles were accompanied by professional quality photographs of members involved in the activities about which she wrote.

Kathy Burdick was a loving, dedicated and contributing member of the congregation of the Bluff Point Church. She was faithful to her family, faithful to her church and faithful to her God. She will be missed.

If Kathy were able to write just one more column, she might simply record a verse from a 140 year old hymn that reads like this:

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.

God be with you, Kathy, 'till we meet again.
BPUMC article for 11/06/13 - By Kathy Burdick   (This article was written two days before her death.)

Happy November!  It may be November, but we have one more October activity we must take care of.  October is Minister Appreciation month, and we can’t let that go by without honoring our pastor, Judy White.

We decided to honor Pastor Judy in a couple ways:   We would like to donate money to The Living Well, in Pastor Judy’s honor. 

As you are aware, the Living Well is a local mission project organized by the Methodist churches in Yates County.  Our pastor has been involved in its long-term, and its day-to-day, organization.  Laurie Prinzivalli will be happy to accept those donations for the Living Well, in honor of Pastor Judy.

We have perceived an interest in offering Sunday church services at the Living Well, in a more relaxed atmosphere than a formal church.  And so on Sunday, November 10th, The Living Well will hold its first worship service.  The service will begin at 5:00 PM and end at 5:45 PM.  Worship will be held right at the Living Well. 

Guess who’s going to be leading this first service?  Pastor Judy White!!  We encourage everyone to bring their kids; the more kids the better because Pastor Judy LOVES kids and has wonderful stories to share with them about God’s wonderful love!!

We encourage our Bluff Point UMC friends to come to that service, too!  This is another way for us to honor our pastor, and to show our support for her and for this new entity in Penn Yan whose seeds have sprouted and are showing good, strong, and healthy growth.

We are presently in the middle of our stewardship program for 2013-2014.   This year, our stewardship program is titled “Living for the Joy of Giving”.  It isn’t all just about money; it is also about giving one’s self, soul, and service to the Lord.

God is indeed Great!  He used His wisdom and guidance to plan two big November events.  Our annual Harvest Dinner was this past Saturday, November 2nd.  The annual Turkey Walk was held the next day, Sunday, November 3rd.  Many folks enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner on Saturday and walked it off on Sunday!!

The United Methodist Churches of Yates County are launching a local mission project called The Living Well.  The Living Well reaches out to all our neighbors in the county with this teaching of Christ, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

A goal of the Living Well is that it can reach out to neighbors in this county by helping with emergency needs such as food, dry goods, utilities, referral services, providing vouchers to the Once Again Shoppe for furniture and clothing, and/or act as a clearinghouse for churches to send people in need.  The Living Well is hopeful that it can also develop some additional “Storefront” worship opportunities.*

The Living Well is located at 121 East Elm Street in Penn Yan and will be available to anyone living in Yates County. 

This mission anticipates being able to provide services from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM and Tuesday evenings from 5:00 - 7:00 PM. If you would like to volunteer, please talk to Pastor Judy or Laurie Prinzivalli.  Your commitment is only for one or two hours once a month, maybe a little bit more as we are working to get this ministry going.

*Next Sunday, November 10th, from 5:00 - 5:45, The Living Well will hold its first worship service.  Pastor Judy White will be leading the worship.

We will be celebrating a popular Christmas tradition at Bluff by having a Shoebox Ministry Packaging Party on Tuesday, November 12th, and EVERYONE is invited!!  We are hoping to pack fifty boxes!!

Thursday, November 13th, is our Mid-Month Covered Dish Dinner/Bible Study.  Check for more info when you sign up on the clipboard to attend this event.

November 17th is the final Stewardship and Commitment Sunday.  We are planning a celebration dinner following this service.

We will have our Hanging of the Greens, followed by a covered dish dinner and caroling on Sunday, December 1st. 

The UMW gathers at the Antique Inn Tuesdays at Noon. 

The Choir meets for rehearsal on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM. 

Participants at our November 10th service are:  Liturgist:  Bill Sutherland; Greeters: Linda Folts, Sharon Larsen, and Dick Davis;  Ushers: Sherri Hunt, Michele Covert, and Dick Davis; Scripture Reader: Bruce Westerdahl; Sunday School: Marguerite Miller; Counters: Ron Salyer and Ed Head; Nursery: Phil Pearce and Aimee Perry.

Today is Birthday Sunday, and we thank Ron & Jane Salyer for hosting this fellowship for us on this day.

Happy Birthday this week to Ryleigh Hunt (6), Donna Andersen (11), and Donald Will (11).

Happy Anniversary to Dana & Helen Schillinger (8) and Rebecca & Arvin Luminarias (13).

Please keep those who are serving our country in your thoughts and prayers… 

Monday, November 11th, is Veteran’s Day.  We cannot forget to honor these men and women who have fought for, and some still are fighting for, our country.  Without question, anyone who has or is serving in a military branch, is a HERO!!