Bluff Point United Methodist Church
Thursday, May 06, 2021

10-07-20 Article

So good to see Ernie Pinneo.  He has been part of our community for his entire life, and still cares for his yard and home.  Looking good, Ernie!

Article by Joyce L. Wiedrich

Our church sanctuary will soon open for in house worship. This will start beginning in October on an every other week basis. Due to Covid restrictions, attendance will be somewhat limited. Please contact Babs Steinert for a reservation. Church will continue weekly on Zoom for people that would still wish to worship from home.

Our recent scripture lesson from was from Matthew 21: 23-32.  This lesson was the parable of the two sons. The first son was asked by his father to go and work in his vineyard. The son initially refused but then went out and worked. The second son was asked the same and said he would go, but he didn’t. Which son met his father‘s wishes?  Neither son did adhere to the request as they should have. Jesus said the tax collectors and prostitutes would enter the kingdom before because they believed.  Pastor Sandi explained how important it is to keep our promises. What counts is not just the promise but the performance. A promise is legally binding and a right of others to expect performance. Pastor Sandi asked us if our performances match our promises.  We make many promises in life and at church, including when we promise to nurture our children as they are baptized.

Thank you for all who have gone into church and pre-recorded music for Sunday services.  One selection were Chris Wyant and Marguerite Miller singing a beautiful duet of the hymn, We Shall Gather at the River.

Bible studies will begin soon, at least initially through Zoom.  There will be several selections and times available.  Contact Pastor Sandi (315 719-7827) if interested.

We think of our families, teachers and students as school continues during these different times. Stay safe and healthy!